How to get FREE Nintendo 3DS Points

This website is all about getting a FREE Nintendo 3DS 2000 points code. You may be wondering is there a way to get FREE Nintendo 3DS points, really? The answer is YES! There are FREE Nintendo 3DS codes popping up online as promotions, giveaways and random acts of kindness. On top of this, we will also buy point cards and give them away to our visitors!

What’s the catch?
You must beat the gateway to view the code page. If you can finish an offer (Which is free and only takes a minute), you have access to the 2000 points code section for a limited time!

What are 3ds Points Cards?
Nintendo 3DS Points can be used to purchase Virtual Console games, 3DSWare games and Applications through the Nintendo 3DS shopping channel available on the consoles dashboard.

What are you waiting for? Get your own code now!

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